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Q. How do you keep ahead of your competitors in a world where nothing stays the same for more than a moment?

Q. How do you get a workforce and a company to shift directions fast to face a future that is almost unpredictable?

Change is happening! And while we can't control much of the world changing around us, we can control how we respond. We can choose to anticipate and embrace changes, or resist them. Resisting change is like trying to push water upstream. Generally we're quick to point to others who resist change. It's much harder to recognize or admit to our own change resistance.

Most change in organizations today occurs because of large scale project implementation. Very often this involves; new customer expectations, new technology platforms but sometimes the change is purely a business project change initiative. Some people call change "progress" and celebrate the improvements that it brings. Others curse those same changes and wish for the good old days. Same changes, different responses, the choice is ours: We can be leaders, or we can be followers.

Even with the focus on the project, the essential ingredient for any successful change program is management and leadership commitment to the proposed strategy. The greatest challenge therefore for change managers is to ensure that leaders do not waiver from the challenges ahead.

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