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Our Corporate Employee Training programs have been proven to equip staff with capacity building skills to empower and boost staff performance, synergy and workplace cohesion.

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Great customer experiences don’t just happen. Great companies center their operations on customer service, and not just operational efficiencies. Without insight into what customers really value and a customer service training program to communicate these insights to employees, this commitment can’t be acted upon.

Our corporate customer service training program is the best in Kenya. Our customer service course aims to ensure that your employees register a high level of improvement in their understanding and delivery of customer service. This program achieves this by training your staff to improve their skills and commitment to deliver the best customer experience.

Customer Service Training Program Description

Today's customers are sophisticated, well informed and have high expectations of the services they want to receive -The more reason why we should be on top of things at any given time.

Our customer service training course delivery is custom-made to train your staff on proven strategies that can be applied to your specific industry and clientele.


    The overall objective of this training is to develop capacity for the Company staff on practical and best practices, emerging trends on customer care management and targets to effectively increase the revenue base of the company for sustainability.

    • Conduct a pre-program consultation; Interview a cross-section of managers, and frontline team members to understand the practical challenges faced offering excellent customer service.
    • Customize and design training manual
    • Facilitate, train/deliver the program in an experiential approach using modern training technology based on human behavior and aided by group discussions, and case studies, local and international scenarios, team building and field practical session.
    • Provide Certificates of Attendance to the participants.
    • Compile a comprehensive report on the findings highlighting the objectives of the training; summary of observations; analysis of observations and reconciliation with gaps and challenges identified in pre-program consultations; Recommendations.
    • Follow up with company to monitor the implementation of the identified action points.
    • Who is a customer
    • The importance of customer care/service in business
    • Customer care strategy
    • Customer Service in the 21st century
    • Internal Customers and External Customers
    • Managing Customer Expectations
    • Handling Customer Complaints
      Handling difficulty customers
    • Creating a win win situation
    • First Impressions - Use of body language
    • Handling a Dissatisfied Customer
    • Developing Good Communication Skills and Use of business language
    • How to attract and maintain customers
    • How to handle customer moods and difficult customers
    • Prompt feedback to both internal and external customers
    • How to enhance UNES corporate image through good customer relations
    • Understanding different personality for maximum growth

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Our Training Approach

In today’s world, the success of every organization depends on how each individual employee connects with the organization they work for, their colleagues, and with their customers.

Our customer service training program is focused on sectors that substantially improve internal and external customer skills. We help each member of your staff to create relationships that have business value out of each interaction with a customer.

This proven customer service training approach is holistic. It includes a focus on how to better treat your employees, who in turn, will reciprocate the same to your customers.

In addition, Our Customer Service Training program includes real life customer service skills training which focuses on equipping your employees with practical, life applicable customer service skills and strategies. This will result in unmatched internal and external customer satisfaction levels.

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Benefits of Our Customer Service Training Program

At smart skills trainers, we offer you a comprehensive customer service training course that is tailor-made to ensure that your employees respond to every customer's needs.

Some of the benefits realized from undertaking our Customer Service Training program include:

  • Embracing communication channels that will let customers know that their issues are being addressed.
  • Better understanding of what customers expect from your employees.
  • Trained employees who can handle any customer issues in a satisfactory manner.
  • Accepting and owning issues/complaints raised by customers.
  • Knowledge on how to put in place structures that ensure customer issues are followed up to completion.
  • Easily embrace a positive attitude towards both respectful and problematic customers

Other Corporate Training Programs

We can integrate our versatile customer service training program with some of our bespoke corporate training programs to ensure you get the best experience out of our training and you meet all your training objectives. These programs include:

As one of the few certified Customer Care Trainers in Kenya, we help you as you build a strong, lasting and satisfactory relationship with your customers. Visit our offices or contact us for more information on how best our program can serve you.

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